Meet the New Family Members

Returning to work in these unprecedented times call for flexibility and fluidity in your layout for quick, adaptable changes that support the new way of working along with space optimising and more virtual meetings. Therefore, we are happy to introduce a range of new, well-thought-out products, and additions created to add possibilities, functionality, and convenience to your workplace.

As always, they are made to last with great design, clever engineering, and that little extra Aha.

We want to make sure you know our product variety well, so please explore our news below.

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FourReal® AV

As flexibility becomes more and more vital in the modern office, our new member of the FourReal® Family must be considered as a true genius beauty. FourReal® AV is the perfect multipurpose piece of furniture, suitable for breakout areas, dining areas, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. With FourReal® AV, you get a flexible and mobile meeting spot for four people, which can accommodate chair suspension for four stools, along with the possibility to create a room divider, a noticeboard, a storage solution and a mobile AV solution.

By adding sides to the FourReal® AV, you get a mobile AV cart, so you can always just wheel a screen around and have an online meeting wherever you wish. Now, that is smart. No more waiting around for the conference room to be free; with FourReal® AV, the screen is agile and flexible.

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FourLikes® T

When you lack space around the table, the slender central base of the FourLikes® T table allows for easy access, more room and ensures that no one ends up sitting awkwardly at the legs of the table. Moreover, the graceful base makes a beautiful impact on its light expression and visual simplicity. Nevertheless, do not let the delicate expression fool you; this table is incredibly stable and the perfect match for our FourLikes™ Wall Bench or other fixed solutions.

Available in three sizes, you can be sure we have a solution that fits your specific space and needs. Add a power socket in the central leg or add chair suspensions underneath the tabletop for maximum functionality. This is another example of great design; with plenty of room for power underneath the table, and the cables running inside the table base tube coming out underneath the base for a tidy and stylish look.

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FourFold® Taper

Say hello to FourFold® Taper, our newest addition to the FourFold® family. Taper is based on an intelligent shape, which in addition to the existing flip-top magic of FourFold, also ensures that everyone around the table can see each other without leaning back or forward, especially when two tables are joined or when using the table in front of a screen. The best thing about this is that it creates unity, breaks down hierarchies and ensures that everyone meets at eye level.

FourFold® Taper still holds the magic FourFold qualities, making it incredibly easy to handle, flexible and fit for various occasions, configurations and room settings. At the same time, it also allows for use in both ends, which is unique and a desirable feature of the FourFold tables. Likewise, it can be managed by one person, it allows for efficient storage, and the wheels make it mobile and possible to use just about anywhere you like, intriguing, right?

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FourLikes® 120

Transform open spaces into inspiring, functional and meaningful areas with our FourLikes® range and the new FourLikes® 120 Convex and Concave modules. The new modules provide the possibility to construct more vibrant, harmonious and eye-catching figurations freely. To put it simply, they complete the FourLikes range and enable endless unconventional and creative opportunities.

Convex and Concave allow you to build on endlessly with round, straight and pivoted solutions. Consequently, FourLikes can now conquer entire rooms and create rooms within rooms to maximise workflow. Additionally, the high and low backs are entirely integrated with the existing modules, and the active seating height still ensures that the seats are perfect for working comfortably

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Seat Row Number

Our FourCast® 2 and FourSure® chairs can be equipped with linking devices that make them perfect for larger configurations. To enhance the practical application of the product we have created seat and row numbers. Fit for both four-legged and skid frame chairs Ø11 and Ø16. The Seat Row Numbers are easy to mount and demount directly on the chair frames for a stylish, solution that creates a raft of new possibilities and applications.

Chair Trolley

When the curtain drops and your event is over, our new Chair Trolley will make moving chairs much more manageable and speed up the process significantly. Designed to facilitate transportation and provide a functional storage solution for stacking multiple chairs, the Chair Trolley features a compact frame with heavy-duty wheels, making it easy to control, manoeuvre and move around.

We are in the process of simplifying our assortment of chair trolleys; The new Chair Trolley replaces the old trolleys for FourCast® 2 Four and FourCast® 2 Line. So rather than moving one chair at a time, stack them on a trolley, cut time and keep your storage area much safer and better organised. Thereby the Chair Trolley is the perfect solution for multifunctional canteens, educational establishments and versatile office spaces that need to reconfigure quickly and effortlessly.