Comfortably Cool

Furniture is the Air we Breathe

Hi there! We are The Ocee International Companies.

What we do? In short. We do multipurpose, problem-solving, and comfortable furniture – for many types of business. Your success is our success. That’s why we see furniture as a strategic resource for spaces that aim to increase wellbeing, productivity and a thriving culture. That’s it. You are welcome.

We operate through wholly owned subsidiaries, as well as manufacturing partners in North America, China and Australia. We are the parent company of acclaimed international contract furniture brands, Ocee Design, Four Design and Race Furniture.

Our companies share the same values, but each has its own personality based upon its heritage, design style, products and audience. We share leading research, design and manufacturing skills in order to create a relevant portfolio of cutting edge products and services. Everything we do is founded on expert knowledge and exceptional service.

Ocee International actively looks to develop companies that share our culture and can add value to our Group. We combine the expertise of management teams to create financially strong, meaningful domestic and international operators. Building on the respective distribution, design, service and manufacturing strengths of the combined Group, we aim to facilitate significant growth in both domestic and global export markets.

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